Today’s digital commerce and omnichannel retail environment can be overwhelming, even for the most seasoned professionals. The speed of change in today’s digital world is is forcing “Best practice” to evolve at an unprecedented rate. Success is a moving target and we make sure you know where to aim.

Every day, GO2 helps businesses like yours overcome challenges, increase profits and prepare for the future. Our proprietary Diligence Framework and roster of experts help you BUILD the right foundation, GROW your existing business and ACCELERATE to the next level. We assist companies of all shapes, sizes and verticals, ranging from retailers and brand manufacturers to wholesalers/distributors and investors.

The right foundation, infrastructure, and supporting technologies are instrumental to achieving long term success. GO2 helps you start off on the right foot by making smarter technology decisions, infrastructure, organizational design, and more.

No matter where you are in your growth trajectory, we work with you to identify gaps and missed opportunities in areas such as marketing, merchandising, mobile, personalization, usability, and operations. Our consultants audit and evaluate your current approach and provide recommendations to help you improve efficiencies and increase sales.

To stay competitive you need to keep moving, growing, and staying ahead of the pack. GO2 helps you identify market opportunities and technologies, analyze what is right for you, and develop the right strategies to accelerate your business.


  • Superior industry and subject-matter expertise
  • Benchmarking and competitive research
  • Data-driven decision-making
  • Hands-on consulting at all levels
  • Power of the high functioning team


You are bound to face challenges when it comes to building, growing and accelerating your digital business. Whether you are looking for a new ecommerce platform, refined growth strategies, or improvements to operational efficiencies, GO2 can help!


Ecommerce Strategy

A solid ecommerce strategy consists of many components that require constant refinement. Whether you are a retailer, brand manufacturer, wholesaler or distributor, GO2 consultants work with you to develop a comprehensive, data-driven strategy to put you on the path to success.

Omnichannel Readiness

In omnichannel retailing, cohesive and seamless customer experiences are key. We help you assess your omnichannel strategy by leveraging our Omnichannel Retail Index combined with thorough analysis of your current situation, customer expectations, and market best practices. We work with you to evaluate and prioritize your initiatives to ensure cohesive experiences across all channels.

Mobile Commerce and Marketing

Mobile is transforming retail and changing shopping behaviors in both B2C and B2B. Through a deep data analysis, GO2 consultants provide actionable advice to help you make the smartest decisions regarding your mobile efforts. Our consultants help you through the entire process, from identifying the right technology, implementation, and marketing approach to ensuring that your overall digital experience is as cohesive and seamless as possible.

Social Commerce & Marketing

Social media is changing the way customers research and purchase products. GO2 can help you navigate the social media landscape and provide guidance on where to spend your social commerce and marketing investments. We can help you improve ROI by pushing content on social media, enabling customers to easily share content, or leveraging customer-generated content and visual assets directly on your site to engage visitors.

Shoppable Content

Customers are increasingly less loyal to a single brand or type of shopping. “Shoppable Content” (offering direct channels to purchasable items featured in content) is becoming the new normal as the lines between content and commerce are increasingly blurred. GO2 can help you adapt to shifting market forces by transforming your digital marketing experience to become more dynamic and content driven and by leverage the power of shoppable content to drive conversion.


Inbound Marketing

Success in business today’s environment means success in digital, and having a strong inbound marketing strategy is a key component to winning in a digital space. Inbound marketing is a tactic that strives to attract customers through content and interactions that are relevant to their needs and helpful — not interruptive. With inbound marketing, potential customers find you through channels like blogs, search engines, and social media — unlike outbound marketing, which fights for their attention. By creating content designed to address the problems and needs of your ideal customers, inbound marketing attracts qualified prospects and builds trust and credibility for your business.

GO2 can help you navigating new digital marketing realities and help you craft a digital marketing strategy that works.


The internet truly makes the world smaller and enables organizations of all sizes to compete globally. Global expansion is a popular way to grow and accelerate businesses. However, it does come with a new set of challenges that needs to be evaluated and addressed.

Is there a market for your products internationally? If so, in what countries, specifically? You need to carefully consider and plan for shipping and fulfillment and prepare for each countries regulatory issues. Not all ecommerce platforms support international selling, so you need to investigate current site capabilities, as well as analyzing the cost/benefits of expanding globally.

GO2 can help conduct an international market assessment to uncover opportunities and assess the competitive landscape. Our consultants can help you define a strategy and financial model for global expansion that covers all operational and organizational issues, addresses technology considerations and regulatory challenges as well as marketing and merchandising strategies and tactical plans.

KPO & BPO Implementation

Both Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO) and Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) involve hiring a third party to complete processes which generally are not apart of a company’s core business. This reallocation of energy allows businesses to focus on what they do well, and drive their competitive advantage. BPO usually refers to outsourcing of a specific recurring non-essential business process to a third-party. While KPO refers to outsourcing of core information-related business activities which are competitively important or form an integral part of a company’s value chain.

GO2 can help you harness the advantages of these processes and leverage them to help drive your business grow and drive your competitive advantage.

Organizational Design

The digital commerce and omnichannel retail environment is constantly evolving, often causing organizational structures, processes and systems that once worked well to become barriers to efficiency and growth. To keep pace, retailers and brands need to adjust and realign their organizational design to fit the current environment and goals.

GO2 can help evaluate your current organizational structure, processes and systems across all functional areas of your organization. Through our comprehensive approach, we pinpoint the key factors for establishing the optimal organizational design, including recommendations for driving organizational alignment through structures, goals and metrics.


Platform Selection

Finding the best technology platform to support your business is a time-consuming and resource-intensive project. GO2 can help! We utilize a rigorous process, advanced tools, and in-depth knowledge of digital platforms and commerce providers to save you time and money while helping you arrive at a “best fit’” decision.

Site Assessment

Assessing and optimizing a transactional site should be an ongoing process that involves rigorous testing and constant development. GO2 offers various types of ecommerce site assessments, from rapid evaluations to detailed site analysis. Our Rapid Site Evaluation is a 2-day review that results in a scored diagnosis featuring prioritized action steps to improve your site’s performance.

Checkout Analysis

You want to ensure that your shopping cart and checkout process is optimized to ensure every customer can get to making a transaction as seamlessly as possible. Through data-driven analysis and a compelling user experience design, GO2 consultants conduct an ecommerce checkout and cart analysis, identify big and small conversion-boosting improvements, and isolate gaps that may contribute to abandonments and lost customers.

Webstore 911

Unexpected technology issues, changing market conditions, and sudden customer demands can impact the performance of your online business. GO2 is your go-to-resource when those urgent ecommerce issues occur. GO2 consultants can parachute in on short notice to diagnose problems and quickly come up with recommendations to get back on the right track.

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